7-Day Photo Challenge

We’re just about to head into those cold, winter months.

This is the time of year where I often get cabin fever and avoid going outside at all costs. It’s cold. My tan fades. All the leaves fall. And things just seem to turn grey.

November and December are kind of fun because of the holidays. But from January to March I just hold on for dear life and count down the hours to spring.

But this year… let’s do something different!

Scientific studies have shown that taking a photo each day improves wellbeing.

Photography often reminds us to slow down. Savor the moment. Or even just get us off our bum in those cold winter months!

So I thought it would be fun to kick off this new season with a photo challenge.

7 Days. 7 Photos. 7 Moments to Savor.

It only takes a few minutes to snap a photo and post it online.

And that’s what I’m challenging you to do over the next 7 days.

For the next 7 days, do something good for you (and share it with our community).

To sign up for the challenge, click the button below and I’ll send you full details to your email inbox.

Join the 7-Day Photo Challenge! Full details will be sent to your email inbox.

Each day, you’ll capture part of your life and post it online.

Don’t worry. It’s super simple and if you sign-up above I’ll send you instructions each day on what to do.

But here’s a quick summary.

Day 1: Food

Take a photo of your food. Or someone else’s.

This could be a night out on the town. Your favorite guilty pleasure. Or simply your morning cup of coffee!

Doesn’t matter what it is. What matters is that you take a few minutes to snap a photo and savor that moment.

And feel free to be as creative as you like.

2. Nature

I know. I know. It’s cold outside. But let’s bundle up and capture something in nature that sparks your interest.

It could be a creek by your house, a leaf, a tree, a sunrise, a stream, a wooded trail, or anything else your heart desires.

Get outside and take a snapshot of the world around you.

3. Portrait

Take a photo of someone you care about. Spouse. Child. Grandparent. Cousin. Co-worker. Neighbor. Whoever will give in to your camera snapping goodness.

But this time… try to do something different than you’ve done in any of your other portraits. How can you capture the emotion? Take a different perspective. Or show a different side of that person.

Remember, every photo tells a story.

4. Pets

If you’re like me, half of my photos are of our sweet Miniature Schnauzer.

Ok… maybe it’s not that bad. But she’s certainly one of my favorite subjects.

Capture one of the many emotions of your pet on day 4. If you don’t have any pets, I’m sure someone else will allow you to borrow theirs.

And remember, these don’t have to be house pets. Horses. Llamas. Chickens. Cows. It’s all fair game.

Let’s see those furry friends!

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5. Daily Life

Some of the most interesting moments are also the easiest to take for granted.

Because they’re just part of our normal routine. Take a moment to stop and capture something interesting in your everyday life.

It could be a homeless man who sits in the same spot everyday as you drive to work. The book you’re reading. The view you take for granted. A friendly cashier who goes out of their way to smile at everyone.

Capture something that you often take for granted. Anything goes!

6. Black and White

Using a black and white filter can completely change the look and feel of your photo. Black and white photography opens up an entirely new world to explore.

You can also browse Flickr to get some ideas and an endless amount of photo inspiration.

But don’t overthink it. This is all about savoring life and capturing a moment each day.

7. Go Deeper

Final day! Today you’ll be capturing something that means a lot to you. Anything in your life that is deeply meaningful. It can be a person or an object.

Please feel free to share this photo (and the story behind it) in our community.

It doesn’t matter which day you start. Takes just 5 to 10 minutes per day. Plus, it’s a great way to improve your photography, test out your composition skills, and share your work with others!

Join the 7-Day Photo Challenge! Full details will be sent to your email inbox.

Photo Challenge Checklist

Join the 7-Day Photo Challenge! Full details will be sent to your email inbox.

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