Epic Timelapse Took 3 Years to Create

This epic timelapse photo took 3 years to shoot and over 8TB of 5K footage. We think it was worth it.

Shot by the incredibly talented Jamie Scott on a Canon 5D MK2 with a 24mm prime lens. The music was composed by Jim Perkins.

The Photographer's Toolbox:

PixieSet – Create beautiful client photo galleries. It’s gorgeous. Mobile-friendly. And allows you to easily take payments online. 

Adobe Lightroom – This one is pretty much a staple now for most photographer’s. 
Photo Inspiration – Search photos based on which camera they were taken with.
500px – Another source of inspiration for your next great photo idea.
CreativeMarket – HUGE collection of Lightroom Presets.
Flickr – An endless source of photo inspiration.
Lens Hero – Find the lens that’s right for you.