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Macro Photography

Macro Photography Tips & Tricks (+ a Cheat Sheet!)

Macro photography is an exciting way to change up your photo routine. When entering the world of macro photography, you’ll notice details that are often missed by the naked eye. The first time you snap a macro lens onto your camera is one of exploration and discovery. Here are a few tips and tricks for getting the most out of your macro shots…

What is Shutter Speed? (Fully Explained w/ Cheat Sheet)

Shutter speed allows you to control how long the shutter remains open while taking a photo. In this article, you’ll learn how to master your camera’s shutter speed settings in order to sharpen your images, blur motion, create dreamy water effects, light trails and more!

25 Inspiring Milky Way Photos

These inspiring Milky Way photos were captured by incredible photographers from around the world. A big thanks for sharing what you do and inspiring creativity!

Camera Modes Explained

All those buttons and dials can get pretty darn complicated. Fortunately though, we’ve created a camera mode cheat sheet to help you demystify those dials. Feel free to print this one out and stick it in your camera bag.

Sharp Photos

How to Get Tack Sharp Photos

Whether you’re using your smartphone, a Nikon, a Canon, a DSLR, or a mirrorless camera – these tips will help you create clear, sharp photos every time you hit the shutter button.

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